Offering commercial tree services and utility arboriculture across the North of England, Master Ground Services is an experienced and qualified utility arboriculture provider working as a sub-contractor to several main contractors on surveying, permissioning, live lining and shutdown work. We clear tree growth from electric conductors and power lines and carry our own £10 million public liability insurance.



  • Raising a tree crown (removal of lower branches)
  • Pruning of branches
  • Tree reduction (reducing a tree’s height)
  • Felling 
  • Emergency clearance
  • Tree Surveys and Reports
  • Stump grinding
  • Logging
  • Chipping 

Master Ground Services provides arboriculture and tree care services to homeowners, local authorities, housing associations, churches and more.

Tree Surveys and Reports for Site Redevelopment

As a council approved contractor we pride ourselves on having a good working relationship with local Tree Officers.

We can undertake tree surveys and reports prior to site clearance and advise on trees to be retained (TPO’s or Tree Preservation Orders).   If you are planning to develop a site, your local planning authority will usually require a professional tree survey and report to be done as part of an application process. Master Ground Services can do this for you and also advise you on how to protect trees not being cleared, what machinery and materials to use and attend site to supervise root protection during clearance and construction work.


Other Tree Work

Master Ground Services is also qualified to clear tree growth from electric conductors and overhead power lines.  We also provide an emergency tree felling service following bad weather and storms.


Removal of Waste

With the use of a stump grinder we can remove tree roots, we can ‘log’ the tree for you using chainsaws or produce quality woodchip using our chipping machine.  If you wish, we will also safely dispose of all the waste on your behalf or you may choose to keep it.  For many companies, recycling 100% waste is a bonus and contributes positively towards your Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Whether you have a single tree that needs pruning, it’s crown raising or felling or maintenance on roadsides that needs managing, our professional tree surgeons, qualified to NPTC standards will be able to assist.  

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